This game is a good time waster, andif you’re looking for something mindless to do while avoiding chores, it’s not a bad choice. The multi-plater, however, is lacking. One of the selling points for the game is the ability to play with up to 8 people at a time. The new vs mode works for that in that everyone is on the same field. It’s not that great of a way to spend time with friends though. The rounds are very short, only a couple minutes, and it gets repetitive very quickly. But the worst failing is really what should be it’s best feature–the absurd number of players you can have on at a time. And absurd is really the best way to describe it–by the time you get up to four players, things get chaotic enough that it becomes little more than randomly spitting bubbles everywhere. There’s just no way to even attempt strategic play. I can’t imagine how that would work with 8 players.

New features

There are a few interesting changes in this game from older incarnations, although not all the old features were kept. The most notable is the addition of the S ball. This ball will put you at 20 ‘slides’. From then on until you hit 0, if a ball thrown doesn’t hit a ball of it’s own colour, or another special ball, it will slide along the edge in one direction until it hits either another ball of its colour, or it can’t go any further. Bonus balls will also fly across the screen at times–hitting them will gain you that ball for your next shot (although you can save one ball at a time for later use). Another change is that the screen doesn’t move down at discrete intervals anymore–instead it moves slowly, so that you don’t even notice that it’s moving. The old two-player mode is gone though, replaced by the 2-8 mode I mentioned above. Frankly, I preferred the older version.

Obviously, this game uses the Wiimote/Nunchuk for control. It’s pretty intuitive, even if sometimes it’s hard to get quite the angle you want.


Normally, I wouldn’t leave this until last–graphics don’t make or break a game for me, although they can influence my opinion of it.  But in this case, they can seriously break the game for some people.  That’s not to say that they’re bad, though.  They work fine–not overly complicated, just simple animeish designs in bright colours.   It’s the same style the series has always used, and since the game is pretty simple, they work well enough.

The problem, however, is that the colour scheme sucks.

Honestly, this has always been the case,  but each colour of bubble had a different pattern on it, which aided in telling them apart.  Bash has done away with that, making all the bubble sparkle instead.  Myself, I have a hard time telling red and orange apart on a good day, and occasionally get others mixed up as well.

For my husband, who is colourblind, the game is unplayable.

Overall, it’s a decent timewaster, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price.  The multiplayer is too chaotic to be a good party game, and there’s no story, so there’s nothing to entice you to lay further other than the game itself really. There isn’t really any point to it besides being a way to kill some time.