Note to self: when a game is $20 new, don’t buy it.  Especially if said game is based off of a fairly recent movie.  There are so many bad points to this game, I’m not sure where to start or end.  Thankfully, it will be short, because there’s little good to be said.

Story: It doesn’t follow the story of the movie and book more than roughly.  I’m not sure how roughly–we didn’t get more than three chapters in before tossing the disc.

Graphics: Terrible.  I’ve seen PS1 games with better graphics.  For being so late in the life of the system, the graphics are absolutely abysmal. I wish I still had the game so I could get a screenshot of how bad it is.  Even the FMVs are terribly low quality (I swear they’re in 16-bit colour)

Gameplay: Has some redeeming elements, but I felt very railroaded, and it many ways is reminiscent of old 2D fighters.  Which, you know, aren’t terrible games, but I didn’t buy this to play Battletoads.  It was little more than wildly swinging as far as I could tell.  There is some variety with using spells and bows, but not enough to make it a remotely enjoyable experience.

Sound: Might have been decent, I can’t remember.  Was probably the best element of the game, since I don’t remember anything bad about it.

This game isn’t even a rent, really.  It’s an obvious cheap attempt at cashing in on the movie, and is bad even by the usual standards for such games.  I really wish we hadn’t bothered.